Education is Key to Life Change

Milagro House believes that a quality education is the key to becoming successfully independent. Post-secondary education and training are essential for careers that provide a living wage and offer the opportunity for our residents to work their way out of poverty and off welfare. With a mother’s new-found financial stability, knowledge and self-confidence comes the opportunity for her to introduce change in the lives of her children, not just in financial terms, but also in terms of academic support and focus. As students, mothers serve as role models for their children by demonstrating the importance of education.

The Milagro House Education Center

When a woman accepts residency at Milagro House, she must agree to continue her education. The Milagro House Educational Center is designed to help Milagro House residents prepare for and take the five-part General Educational Development (GED) exam, or receive enrichment studies to help ready themselves for admissions or placement exams.

Nancy Barton, Director of The Milagro House Educational Center, works one-on-one and in a group with students of varying educational backgrounds. Our director of education, who has extensive experience in special education, develops daily individualized lesson plans to accommodate each student’s ability and learning style.

Students' needs are easily met in our school, which is specially designed to allow for individual and small group studies. Retired educators as well as local college student volunteers supplement the staff as expert volunteers and tutors for the program.

Post-Secondary Students

Milagro House assists and guides women who have a high-school diploma or GED as they explore options for post-secondary work. Our goal is to match a woman’s aptitude and her passion with an educational track that leads to a satisfying career path and a job that pays a living wage.

Once a woman selects a post-secondary program, we help her navigate the admission process and apply for financial aid. Once enrolled, we support them with tutoring and, if needed, communicate regularly.