Our Mission:

Milagro House provides EDUCATION, HOUSING and SUPPORT SERVICES to women and their children who would otherwise be experiencing homelessness.

Our Vision:

To provide effective programming that gives women the opportunity to meet educational goals, acquire valuable life skills, obtain employment at a family-sustaining wage and build a bright future for themselves and their children.

Position Statement:
Racial Justice and Equality

Milagro House exists to eradicate the consequences of long standing, unequal treatment of marginalized members of our community. Our mission stands for effecting change that breaks down the barriers that keep people in poverty and systems that perpetuate uneven ground.

We affirm that systemic bias exists and commit to initiatives that work toward ending its destructive hold on our communities and on our culture. We stand with people of color as they communicate experiences reflective of unthinkable pain and unacceptable inequality.

We unequivocally support initiatives that seek productive solutions to ending the ravaging effects of hate and intolerance. We acknowledge that as an organization there is more work to do; we commit to positioning Milagro House as a positive participant in effective, sustainable change.