How You Can Help

Aside from donor designated donations from the United Way, Milagro House is operated without government or agency funding of any kind. The majority of our funding comes from the individuals and families who have made it their business to see that the homeless women and children of Lancaster have, at least, a level playing field.

Milagro House applies for and receives grants from local foundations and corporations. Although we receive substantial financial support from nearly fifty religious organizations, we are aligned with no religion or sect. We offer all of our services to any woman, regardless of the words or phrases she uses to identify herself and her children.

To date, the Lancaster community has been able to provide us with everything we need, from the furniture in our houses to every penny we use to pay our bills and salaries. Despite a constant struggle to make ends meet, we are proud to be part of a community that provides our families with so much.

  • We have learned that education is the true key to escaping a life of poverty and dependence. Immediately after moving in, each Milagro House resident must enroll in a program to further her education, whether she is in GED, in college, nursing school or a vocational/technology program. This additional level of education will directly impact each mother's ability to move to independence and a life of dignity.
  • Rather than encourage our residents to remain dependent upon government subsidies once they have completed our program, we encourage them to make the best use of government assistance while they are living at Milagro House and to become self-sufficient before they leave our program.
  • Many of our children's short lives have been very traumatic. We try to replace those memories with as many happy times as possible. Their lives become stable when they come to Milagro House. They get up, have breakfast with their families, go to school or daycare, come home, have dinner at the dining room table, and lay their heads down in the same bed every night. A routine as simple as this may be taken for granted by most, but to our kids this is everything. We believe in giving the kids the chance to be normal and secure in who they are. We work every day to raise their self esteem.
  • We have a committed staff and experienced leadership. We take governance of the program and stewardship of donations seriously. We understand our responsibility to the community as well as the families we serve.