Our Mission

Milagro House is committed to providing education, housing and counseling for women and their children experiencing homelessness.

Milagro House and the Purpose of our Program

Women come to Milagro House for many reasons. Some are recovering from addiction, some are suffering with mental illness, most of them have been abused. Some suffer with low self esteem, insufficient education, inadequate parenting skills or poor self discipline. All of them are mothers and all of them are homeless.

Our program offers women and their children the support they need to achieve success. In addition to housing, our primary focus is education—this is what sets our program apart. But we also provide weekly mental health counseling, budgeting and parenting support. Milagro House is a program that makes a difference in our community as well as in the lives of the women and children we work with.

Women who enter Milagro House come with a commitment and determination to move ahead in their education and gain the skills to support themselves and their children and to manage their lives after they move into their own housing. The women who come to Milagro House have the best possible opportunity to succeed in the new lives they have chosen for themselves.

We provide:

  • A clean, safe place for them to live with their children
  • Food, clothing and personal items until they can afford their own
  • A focus on education and training that will lead to sustainable employment that pays a living wage
  • An organized environment with limitations and rules that promote responsibility as well as independence
  • Intensive, individualized, daily service coordination to help them navigate the complex world they must learn to live in on their own